Archipress M Wishes you a Merry Christmas!

As Christmas is soon around the corner we thought of sharing with you, this lovely recipe for Zdenka’s Ischl Medals ideal for the Christmas table. The Medals can be found in Marianne’s new architectural cookbook The Architect’s Meal / Arkitektens Måltid. It has a strong appeal to the senses, showing several correlations between cooking and architecture. Read also unique anecdotes for each recipe that ties the recipe to a specific architectural setting. Go grab yours in the shop! And with that, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

For the recipe, Click here!


Regatta Spa

The motive which adorns our latest book News in Nordic Architecture Textures + Materials is a photo taken from the beautiful building Regatta Spa in Finland. It evokes a clear cohesion with the particular place and proximity to the seaside and the cliffs.  

Visually the photo is inspiring with the beautiful materials and colors. They are reflected in the water and in the sky outside which breaks the barrier of inside and outside. The geometric purity and the lines which are in contrast to the rocks on the coast.

Read more about the project in the book News in Nordic Architecture – Textures + Materials.