Book Launch at Paustian House

Arkitektens Måltid / The Architect’s Meal

A big thanks to all who came and participated in our panel discussion about the senses and architecture in connection with the launch of our architectural cookbook ‘Arkitektens Måltid / The Architect’s Meal’. Also a big thanks to the panelists Kim Utzon, Frantz Longhi and Kristine Jensen. And finally very(!) big thanks to Paustian for a great collaboration!

Boglanchering & Paneldebat Med Kim Utzon


I forbindelse med lanceringen af den nye arkitektoniske kogebog ’Arkitektens Måltid’ og markeringen af året, hvor Jørn Utzon ville være fyldt 100 år, inviterer Archipress M og Paustian til et spændende lanceringsevent. Aftenen indledes med talk af arkitekt Kim Utzon, hvorefter der vil være paneldebat med Kim Utzon, direktør og medejer af Paustian, Frantz Longhi, arkitekt Kristine Jensen og arkitekt Marianne Ibler. Herefter er der reception med vin og smagsprøver fra ’Arkitektens Måltid’.

Arrangementet finder sted i Paustians Hus i Nordhavnen, Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2, 2100 i København, tegnet af Jørn Utzon:

Torsdag den 22. november kl. 16-18

Antallet af deltagere vil være begrænset – tilmelding senest 16.11 via

‘News in Nordic Architecture’ is on its way

Sneak peek from our new book which soon will be here 

The new book ‘News in Nordic Architecture – Textures + Materials’ is in the making and is a counterpart to ‘News in Nordic Architecture’. With focus on textures and materials, the book includes projects by Helin & Co Architects, Lund Hagem Arkitekter, Rørbæk og Møller Arkitekter, Christensen & Co. Arkitekter, BOGL landskabsarkitekter and many others from the Nordic countries. To enlighten the waiting is here a glimpse of its content:


Coverphoto: Regatta Spa:Helin & Co Architects: 2017: Vantaa, FI: Photo: Michael Linden, Helin & Co Architects


From left to right: Farum Midtpunkt: BOGL Landskabsarkitekter: 2012 – 2016: Farum, DK: Photo:  Dennis Lehnmann, BOGL Landskabsarkitekter  ·  DTU Life Science and Bioengineering Building: Christensen & Co. Arkitekter / Rørbæk og Møller Arkitekter: 2016: Lyngby Campus, DK: Photo: Hampus Berndtson  ·  The Muddus Block: Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor AB: 2017: Stockholm, SE: Photo: André Phil



#22 Periscope Tower

Makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the views of the surrounding landscape

Extract from our publication News in Nordic Architecture

“One can either climb up the stairs and enjoy the view over the lake and the landscape from the viewing deck, or stay on the ground floor and see the view through the periscope mirror”

Architect: OPPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture . 2016 . Seinäjoki, Finland . 35 m2 . Photos by Anssi Lassila




#21 Malmö Market hall

The old freight depot from 1898 was no more than a roofless shell when the developer decided to turn it into a market hall.

Extract from our publication News in Nordic Architecture

“A gap in the roof between the new and existing building allows daylight into the old brick facade, while the facade cladding of weathered corrugated steel echoes the industrial environment which has historically dominated the district.”

Architect: Wingårds Arkitektkontor . 2016 . Malmö, Sweden . 1500 m2 . Photos by André Pihl


“The resulting building imitates the gable silhouette of the existing building.