Perspectives on Nordic architecture and landscape

Photo by Adam Mørk of Copenhagen Soil Center (Christiansen & Co Architects)

#3 Francesco Ranocchi

– (…) The presence of a primary structure can be either a formal one, or merely conceptual. Elsewhere we have defined it as Icastic architecture, this product of the complex relationship between culture industry and construction industry: a semantic reduction that progressively invests the architecture of the century, thus erasing differences and antagonisms in favour of the capacity to become accumulable information.

Quote from his article ‘Icastic architecture and landscape’ in our latest publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Landscape

Francesco Ranocchi (1962), Italian architect, critic and historian. Leader of AW-Architects and holds a PhD in contemporary art theory.


#2 Food camp

A beautifully situated historical farm in Funen, Denmark, transformed into  a conceptual camp to inspire children to explore the world of food.

Extract from our latest publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Landscape:

“One of the concepts of the Food camp is ‘from earth to table’, and the surrounding landscape offers a variety of local vegetables, fruits and herbs.”

Architect: GPP Arkitekter . 2014 . Ebberup, Denmark . 460 m2



All photos by Arla Fonden

10th Anniversary

This month we celebrated our 10th anniversary and it has generally been a landmark year so we want to share some of the new things with you: We have started new collaborations with Nordic architectural studios and talented international professionals, and we are pleased to have new employee relationships. Our first Nordic architecture books mark

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