New issue of the Nordic New Golden Age trilogy

Sneak peek from the final publication of our series

The last book in the Nordic New Golden Age trilogy is in the making, and this time the theme of dwellings features a variety of recent Scandinavian housing projects from firms like Helin & Co, CF Møller and Conm + Kallesø, just to mention a few. Displaying the Finnish tradition of materials, bringing the modernist legacy into the contemporary or exploring the Nordic light in unexpected ways.


A project in Helsinki by Helin & Co

A project in Odense by C.F. Møller Architects


A project in Ore Strand by Conm + Kallesø

Design details

The Shell lamp

An ever contemporary design classic by Verner Panton

Extract from our publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Design:

“Depeding on the number and length of the chains of discs, the lamps take different shapes. […] The heat emitted by the bulb creates thermal radiation that creates a slight movement among the discs, which act as reflectors.”

Designer: Verner Panton .  1964 . Producer: Verpan

All Photos by Verpan


#5 Ørestad school & library

An 8-storey primary school with the expression of a townhouse

Extract from our latest publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Design:

“The protrusion of every classroom as a bay window in the facade has several advantages […] The bay windows ensure that you can look into the building, and the facade creates a new type of classroom from the inside.”

Architect: KHR Architects .  2012 . Ørestad, Copenhagen, Denmark . 14 500 m2


All Photos by KHR Architects

Perspectives on Global Danish Architecture

#5 Signe Kongebro

– Half the energy consumption of a building is determined by the design. Daylight is one of the key parameters in reducing energy consumption.

Quote from her article ‘Sustainability as a design parameter’ in our publication Global Danish Architecture – Seven #7.

Signe Kongebro (1972), Danish architect, partner and leader of the sutainability department at Henning Larsen Architects.