#7 Church of Shadows

The black-box with Nordic spirit Extract from our latest publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Design: "When I designed the Church of Shadows my most important inspiration was the dualistic play between light and darkness. And how darkness can be important as a design element. I worked with darkness as in a love affair [...] Continue reading

New Intern at Archipress M

In Archipress M we are happy to introduce you to our new intern, Julie Bertelsen from Aarhus School of Architecture. More hands, means more work and we have a lot of new ideas on the table.We are thrilled to see where these next months will take us!! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: archipressm Gem Continue reading

Wood as a cladding

Strandparken “Wood is the future.” Extract from our publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Landscape: “We usually say that it takes about one minute for the forests of Sweden to produce all the material that went into constructing this building – sixty seconds. It weighs a third of what it would have if it […]

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