#7 Church of Shadows

The black-box with Nordic spirit

Extract from our latest publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Design:

“When I designed the Church of Shadows my most important inspiration was the dualistic play between light and darkness. And how darkness can be important as a design element. I worked with darkness as in a love affair with light. This secret love affair was an important inspiration to me.”

Architect: Vesa Honkonen Architects: Design & Dreams Studio .  2012 . Chengdu, Sichuan, China . 700 m2




Photos by Vesa Honkonen

Wood as a cladding


“Wood is the future.”

Extract from our publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Landscape:

“We usually say that it takes about one minute for the forests of Sweden to produce all the material that went into constructing this building – sixty seconds. It weighs a third of what it would have if it had been constructed with a conventional concrete frame.”

Architect: Wingårdhs architects .  2010 . Sundbyberg, Sweden . 1,598 m2 . 31 units


2013-10-08_kv_strandparken_foto_tord-rikard_siderstrim_mgl7510-kopi  2013-10-08_kv_strandparken_foto_tord-rikard_siderstrim_mgl7900-kopi


All photos by Tord-Rikard Söderström


#6 Nordic Villa with a strong adaption

Nordic architecture is not only known for its simplicity in design, but furthermore for a strong adaption to the context

The first issue of the Nordic New Golden Age book trilogy captures one of many Nordic inspired dwellings. With its minimalistic expression and natural materials, it is hidden in the landscape to inhale the beautiful view of Aarhus Bay. In Villa Albertsen, located in Aarhus, the architects Luplau & Poulsen Arkitekter are adapting the surroundings down to the very last detail. As they quote;

“A view to the horizon has inspired a horizontal design right down to the extended oblong brick format.”

Architect: Luplau & Poulsen Arkitekter . 2007 . Aarhus, Denmark . 750 m2 . Brahl Fotografi

Luplau & Poulsen, Århus.

Luplau & Poulsen, Århus.