Cottage for Christmas

Hidden behind big pinewood trees This Holiday home by Mette Lange Architects is beautifully hidden from the harsh Icelandic weather and it's easy to imagine yourself with a hot cup of cocoa in front of the fireplace enjoying a white winter wonderland. Our new book A New Golden Age - Nordic Housing, features 3  Nordic examples [...] Continue reading

#9 John M. Cava

“The quality of thoughtfulness given to the designs, accompanied by consistent skills in construction and – most importantly – the liveability of the completed projects. These buildings are an inspiration to the world on techniques and approaches that manifest excellent housing.” John. M. Cava (1953) is a practicing architect and writer in Portland, Oregon. John […]

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#8 From courthouse to residential

An old courthouse has been transformed into a tall apartment building placed on top of the exposed bedrock visible in the atrium Extract from our latest publication A New Golden Age Nordic Housing "The new building is strongly inspired by an internationally recognized Swedish painter with roots in the local area, Bengt Lindström. The plan [...] Continue reading