#25 Navitas

Denmark’s largest low-energy building ´Navitas´ provides the perfect conditions for learning and innovation it became an innovative campus for energy, environment and civil engineering to over 2000 students.  Raw concrete is used in the entrance area, that leads to atrium, the architectural heart of the building. The atrium combines white stairways with heavy concrete walls […]

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Wonton Soup

“The wrapper of wonton is relatively thin and will become transparent after boiled. It not only enriches the taste, but also adds layers of visual pleasure. Just like those buildings with glass features.” Soup: 50g of vermicelli Salt Soy Sauce Chopped green onion Wontons: 50 sheets of wonton wrappers 170g of ground pork 50g of [...] Continue reading

Archipress M joining the opening of Lyst

An extraordinary aesthetic experience – beyond imagination. Archipress M joined the opening of LYST – the iconic new restaurant designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Sebastian Behmann from SOS Studio Other Spaces. A place where architecture, art, design, music and gastronomy is put together in a new and trendy “Gesamtkunstwerk” which seems to be […]

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