#26 Cabin Rones

A small cabin located in a steep and rough site at Rones in Norway towards the fjord. The concrete construction combined with wooden beams create a sheltering atmosphere within the free and open nature. Details incorporated in the covering of the building are made of untreated copper, which darken over time.  The furnishing of the […]

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#15 Klavs Hyttel

‘‘Sustainability has evolved from a vaguely formulated intention mostly found in manifestos and toasts to being an actual, decisive architectonic parameter.’’ Klavs Hyttel. Architect, Partner and Chairman of the Board of C.F. Møller Architects. Quote from the interview with Klavs Hyttel. The full interview is in our publication Global Danish Architecture #3. Continue reading

Karen Blixens Plads | COBE

Further contribution to the worlds bicycle city – Copenhagen. The Karen Blixens Plads in front of the Copenhagen University now provides parking for over 2000 bicycles, solving the Institutions space problem in front of the main entrance. Green areas and small bicycle hills create an urban space in the spirit of a green environment. Architect: […]

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Under | Snøhetta

A restaurant half-sunken into the icy water of Norway creates a fusion between water and land.  The “eye” of the building is a panoramic window at the seabed that reveals the mysteries and secrets of the ocean.  The restaurant features space for up to 40 guests offering high-quality, local cuisine with emphasis on sustainable wildlife […]

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#14 Vesa Honkonen

‘‘Light and shadow. Life and death. These pairs can semiotically create and signify the most powerful contrasting pairs in architecture.’’ Vesa Honkonen, Architect and Designer, Owner of Vesa Honkonen Architects. Quote from the article ‘The Birth Gift of the 60th Latitude’ written by Vesa Honkonen. The full article is in our publication A New Golden [...] Continue reading

#13 Lars Bendrup

‘‘It’s obviously that energy efficiency and resource savings generally are the most important factors. However, social and cultural sustainability should not be set aside, as these may in the long run prove to be the most important aspects.’’ Lars Bendrup. Architect, Owner of TRANSFORM. Quote from the interview with Lars Bendrup. The full interview is [...] Continue reading
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