Buzaru Mussels Mladen

“The black curved shells, the orange sauce and green parsley are a symphony for the eyes and for the palate. My father gave me the recipe when I was a child. But there are many variants around the Adriatic coast. And perhaps also in the small houses around the Church of the Holy Cross in [...] Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Archipress M wishes you a new year with full of happiness. Following up the great impressions and cheerful times of the Year 2019, Archipress M is ready to begin another adventure and bring new ideas and inspirations to you. We believe, the New Year 2020 will be a bundle of new opportunities to perform and […]

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Cauliflower Minestrone

“A rustic and tasty soup like something you could eat in Italian country houses, where the houses are terracotta coloured with rustic stone and grey stone cornices around windows and doors.” 1 cauliflower, approx. 600g 170g of rice 2 l of vegetable bouillon 30g of butter 3 tbsp of olive oil 50g of freshly grated [...] Continue reading