#27 Social Housing in Årslev

A masterplan incorporating social, economic and environmental sustainability.  Featured in ‘News in Nordic Architecture – Textures + Materials’. The area contains 40 terraced low energy houses that function as social houses for rental. The façade and materials used connect the exterior of the houses with the natural surroundings. Architect: Erik Arkitekter, 2018. Årslev, DK. Photos by […]

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#19 Anna Maria Indrio

‘‘Naturally enough, this is what architecture must serve.’’ Anna Maria Indrio. Architect, Partner of Norrøn. Quote from the article ‘Facades’ written by Anna Maria Indrio. The article is in our publication News in Nordic Architecture – Texture + Materials. Continue reading

#18 Lars Juel Thiis

"The most qualitative architecture is typically sustainable – good architecture can always be reused!" Lars Juel Thiis. Partner Arkitekt MAA Cubo, Adj Professor AAU. Quote from the interview with Lars Juel Thiis. The full interview is in our publication Global Danish Architecture #3. Continue reading

Pasta with Lobster and Chili

“This dish is a creative mix of textures, aromas, taste, consistency, similar to when we find raw, rough, smooth, soft, cleated, long, curled, curved and broken shapes in architecture. Each one important individually, but together they form a symphony of impressions or a beautiful whole like those seen on a range of different facades in [...] Continue reading

Risotto with Artichokes

“This was the first dish I learned to make with the Italian family who I stayed with just behind Piazza Navona in Rome. Beautiful, large, green artichokes, yellow lemon slices, parsley, and curly, dried porcini mushrooms form a picturesque basis for the dish.” 6 Persons 500g of rice 4 artichokes Juice of 1 lemon ½ [...] Continue reading