#23 Søren Mølbak

‘‘The trend is obvious: There is no future for the architect studio without sustainability as a part of the design process.’’ Søren Mølbak. Directer & Partner of PLH Arkitekter. Quote from the interview with Søren Mølbak. The full interview is in our publication Global Danish Architecture #3. Continue reading

#22 Per Feldthaus

‘‘The different values and activities that create quality of life for each individual. And how the architecture can add vitality to exactly these qualities and create a meaningful setting for life. No matter whether it’s in a work place, a private house or a public urban space. Architecture is about human beings.’’ Per Feldthaus. Architect, [...] Continue reading

Wiener Schnitzel

“The brittle golden crust around the succulent meat is like a fluted or uneven wall that protects a sensual room. We find many sensual rooms behind the rustic walls in Hum, the smallest town in the world.” (4 Persons) 4 large pieces of veal (200-300g of veal per person) 1 egg Water 1½ glasses of [...] Continue reading