#25 Mette Stavad

‘‘Sustainability doesn’t need to be only an architectonical expression. And there shouldn’t be any conflict between architecture and sustainable approaches.’’ Mette Stavad. Architect, Owner of Pluskontoret. Quote from the interview with Mette Stavad. The full interview is in our publication Global Danish Architecture #3. Continue reading

# 24 Daniel Hayden

‘‘The choice of materials is important for the building’s expression, functionality, sustainability, durability and lifetime.’’ Daniel Hayden, Partner of Dissing+Weitling Architecture. Quote from the interview with Daniel Hayden. The full interview is in our publication News in Nordic Architecture – Texture + Materials. Continue reading

Pita with Raspberries

“The cross-section of the cakes look nice and are sharp and pronounced with yellow, pink and white tones. The same colours that we can see in the summer in the houses in the landscape and medieval castles in Hrvatska Zagorje.” (8 Persons) 150g of butter 4 eggs 70g of sugar 300g of flour Grated zest [...] Continue reading

Pasta with Shrimps and Broccoli

“Green broccoli, white, glossy garlic, red chili, golden olive oil, beige Parmesan cheese and pink shrimps. Like a summer cottage with white walls, red tile roof, golden-grey stone walls, green olive trees and pink flowering oleander trees.” (4 Persons) 400g of pasta (e.g. penne) 2 tbsp of salt 1 broccoli 400g of tiger prawns with [...] Continue reading