Paneldebate on november 5th

Publisher Marianne Ibler gave the opening talk ”Internationalisering – En chance, en risiko eller bare nødvendig ?” Marianne Ibler also participated at the paneldebate at Arkitektforeningen in Copenhagen with the title Konsolidering i den danske arkitektbranche, organised by FREJA EJENDOMME. Presented were also Lars Emil Kragh (Danske Ark), Mette Kynne Frandsen (Henning Larsen Architects), Kristian […]

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Bodil Binner goldsmith. The Story. The Profile. The Woman


NEW BOOK WILL BE LAUNCHED DECEMBER 3rd ! Jewellery shares common ground with architecture. Both are grounded in ancient crafts, with their own particular creative design processes, dependent upon a profound knowledge of how to utilise materials and techniques. Both jewellery and architecture stimulate our senses, with the fields’ aspiration to functionality and aesthetic harmony. That is also […]

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