A combination of senses – in both architecture and food.

Both architecture and food interact with our senses. Our sensory apparatus comes into play; sight, sense of touch, smell, hearing and place of mind – in food also the sense of taste. So we have made The Architect’s Meal / Arkitektens Måltid about Food & Architecture.

Frantz Longhi, Architect and Director of Paustian writes about the book:
Your book is very inspiring – and one can almost smell the good food through the texts and the fine drawings.

Anja Klemp Vilgaard, Communications-expert, Get Ajour  writes about the book:
The book that Marianne Ibler has written is so much more than ‘just a cook book’. It’s a work of art, a personal journey into the aesthetics and an explosion of sensory connections between buildings, places and… food. Between frame and content, man-made architecture and life itself. I have had the good fortune of following Marianne through the process and have to admit that I didn’t expect such a unique creation. She has created something that didn’t exist before: An architectural cook book, that not only makes your mouth water – it also makes your feet dream of travelling and experience the spirit of places.

Carsten Gjørtz, Architect and founder of GPP Arkitekter, says about the book:
What a wonderful book – A sketchbook with recipes! The drawings are not as common architect sketches. They are much more poetical.

Francesco Galli, Photographer and Architect, says about the book:
It’s a very nice and very elegant book – I have never seen such a book before!

London Stängle from The Architect’s Meal

Kingo Houses · Jørn Utzon · 1958

There are several common factors between architecture and food:

  • Good architecture and food are linked to the place. House and place talk together. Food and place talk together.

  • The flow of international influence combined with Nordic traditions provides better architecture and better food experiences.

  • Respect for materials, quality and a certain amount of crafts is important for both food and architecture.

  • Good architecture and food are made honestly and with the heart.

Pasta with Scampi and Olives from The Architect’s Meal

Hejmdal · Frank Gehry & Cubo · 2008

The Architect’s Meal is an architectural cookbook that I have made with my heart – with my own story and travels as a frame. An aesthetically sensual cookbook that unites international architecture with food and Nordic traditions.

Leek Soup from The Architect’s Meal

Aarhus Townhall · 1941 · Arne Jacobsen & Erik Møller


The Architect’s Meal

Page 126: Cauliflowers Bombs
The cauliflower must be boiled after it has been washed and parted.

Page 166: Rehrücken Almond Cake
The 110g of almonds must be grounded into flour before poured in the dough.

Page 177: London Stängle
Do not mix vanilla in the whipped egg whites.

Page 187: Bajadera Sweets
Also add the the blended biscuits once the sugar has melted, together with the butter and nuts (not eggs!).

Arkitektens Måltid

Side 126: Blomkålsbomber
Blomkålen skal koges efter den er blevet renset og delt.

Side 166: Rehrücken Mandelkage
De 110g mandler skal blendes til mel, inden de bliver hældt i dejen.

Side 177: London Stängle
Der skal ikke tilsættes vanilje i de piskede æggehvider.

Side 187: Bajadera Konfekt
Tilsæt også de blendede kiks, når sukkeret er smeltet, sammen med smørret og nødderne.





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