Pita with Raspberries

“The cross-section of the cakes look nice and are sharp and pronounced with yellow, pink and white tones. The same colours that we can see in the summer in the houses in the landscape and medieval castles in Hrvatska Zagorje.” (8 Persons) 150g of butter 4 eggs 70g of sugar 300g of flour Grated zest [...] Continue reading

Pasta with Shrimps and Broccoli

“Green broccoli, white, glossy garlic, red chili, golden olive oil, beige Parmesan cheese and pink shrimps. Like a summer cottage with white walls, red tile roof, golden-grey stone walls, green olive trees and pink flowering oleander trees.” (4 Persons) 400g of pasta (e.g. penne) 2 tbsp of salt 1 broccoli 400g of tiger prawns with [...] Continue reading

Wiener Schnitzel

“The brittle golden crust around the succulent meat is like a fluted or uneven wall that protects a sensual room. We find many sensual rooms behind the rustic walls in Hum, the smallest town in the world.” (4 Persons) 4 large pieces of veal (200-300g of veal per person) 1 egg Water 1½ glasses of [...] Continue reading

Sauce for Springrolls

“The intense aromas, tastes and colours of the spicy sauce are just as inspiring as the old hutongs and houses in Beijing or elsewhere around China. With red, yellow, green and blue colours on the houses, as well as golden-red Chinese lamps and fragrant gardens as garnish.” (4-6 Persons) 4 tbsp of sunflower oil 2 [...] Continue reading

Pasta with Lobster and Chili

“This dish is a creative mix of textures, aromas, taste, consistency, similar to when we find raw, rough, smooth, soft, cleated, long, curled, curved and broken shapes in architecture. Each one important individually, but together they form a symphony of impressions or a beautiful whole like those seen on a range of different facades in [...] Continue reading

Risotto with Artichokes

“This was the first dish I learned to make with the Italian family who I stayed with just behind Piazza Navona in Rome. Beautiful, large, green artichokes, yellow lemon slices, parsley, and curly, dried porcini mushrooms form a picturesque basis for the dish.” 6 Persons 500g of rice 4 artichokes Juice of 1 lemon ½ [...] Continue reading

Buzaru Mussels Mladen

“The black curved shells, the orange sauce and green parsley are a symphony for the eyes and for the palate. My father gave me the recipe when I was a child. But there are many variants around the Adriatic coast. And perhaps also in the small houses around the Church of the Holy Cross in [...] Continue reading

Cauliflower Minestrone

“A rustic and tasty soup like something you could eat in Italian country houses, where the houses are terracotta coloured with rustic stone and grey stone cornices around windows and doors.” 1 cauliflower, approx. 600g 170g of rice 2 l of vegetable bouillon 30g of butter 3 tbsp of olive oil 50g of freshly grated [...] Continue reading
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