Essay by Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Snøhetta

Our new book News in Nordic Architecture includes a special essay by architect Kjetil Trædal Thorsen from Snøhetta with his thoughts on what it means to be nordic.

It’s an interesting essay portrayed with beautiful photografies.

“ ‘Nordic’ relates to something or someone having its roots in Scandinavia. The implicit meanings of someone, or something, being Nordic is, however, much wider, especially when paired up with nouns such as ‘society’, ‘values’ and, why not, ‘architecture’. ” (Kjetil Trædal Thorsen)




Perspectives on Nordic Housing

#8 Marianne Ibler

– All the buildings are made by Nordic architects and demonstrate the settings for a modern society with great focus on sustainability, social responsibility and good living conditions. All aspects that most of us architects agree upon.

Quote from the foreword in our publication A New Golden Age ‘Nordic Housing’.

Perspectives on Nordic Architecture

#7 John M. Cava

– The quality of thoughtfulness given to the designs, accompanied by consistent skills in construction and – most importantly – the liveability of the completed projects. These buildings are an inspiration to the world on techniques and approaches that manifest excellent housing.

Quote from his article ‘Precedents and Prototypes Experiencing Today’s Nordic Housing’ in our publication A New Golden Age Nordic Housing


Interview with Bjarke Ingels, BIG

Our new book Nordic Housing also includes a speciel interview with the worldknown architect Bjarke Ingels from BIG with his visions on future living.

It’s an interesting interview portrayed in beautiful photografies.


“Architecture is much more than designing pretty facades or expressive sculptures; it is rather the means to life itself.” (Bjarke Ingels)






Perspectives on Global Danish Architecture

#6 Peder Elgaard

– From an architectural point of view, the awareness of both cultural identity and sustainability is really a gift from the society, the consumer and the clients to the profession.

Quote from his article ‘Architecture in Transformation’ in our publication Global Danish Architecture #7.

Peder Elgaard (1968) is Danish practicing architect, founder and owner at ELGAARD Architecture and holder of a Master’s degree in Architectural Heritage, NORDMAK. He is also a regular advisor to the Ministry of Culture, regarding alterations of listed buildings, as well as a former Royal Building Inspector in Copenhagen.

The Bridge of Peace was designed by an Italian architect; Michele De Lucchi. The lighting design belongs to the French designer Philippe Martinaud. The bridge of Peace was built 2010 by the order of the City Hall of Tbilisi with the intention to connect Old Tbilisi with the new district.

Groundbreaking of Bjarke Ingels’ AARhus housing

BIG’s housing visions

Today is the day when Bjarke Ingels’ new building AARhus begins its building process by Bassin 7 by Aarhus Ø. The building will be mentioned in our coming book, the third in our Nordic New Golden Age series, where we also made an interview with Bjarke Ingels on his visions with modern living and his housing projects.
For today’s occasion, we here give you a little quote from the interview;

“There is potential in all programmatic types and scales for answering to the climate and culture and conditions of a place.”

– Bjarke Ingels

View of the new AARhus building. Rendering by Bjarke Ingels Group

Bjarke Ingels, photo by Stephen Voss

Perspectives on Nordic architecture & design

#5 Steven Holl

– Nordic Light and Shadow are keys to the building section. Openings are organized around sun angles which never get above 47 °. Every year the Director [of  the Knut Hamsun center], Bodil Børset, sends me photos of the last horizontal band of sunlight to penetrate before the weeks of winter darkness.

Quote from his article ‘Nordic Shadow’ in our publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Design, 4 ed.

Steven Holl (1947) is an American practicing architect of partly Norwegian origin, and professor at Columbia University, New York. The owner of Steven Holl Architects, New York, San Francisco and Beijing.

The Hamsum center by Steven Holl Architects, in Hamarøy, Norway, 2009. All photos by Steven Holl Architects.

The Hamsum center by Steven Holl Architects, in Hamarøy, Norway, 2009. All photos by Steven Holl Architects.

Perspectives on Global Danish Architecture

#5 Signe Kongebro

– Half the energy consumption of a building is determined by the design. Daylight is one of the key parameters in reducing energy consumption.

Quote from her article ‘Sustainability as a design parameter’ in our publication Global Danish Architecture – Seven #7.

Signe Kongebro (1972), Danish architect, partner and leader of the sutainability department at Henning Larsen Architects.

Perspectives on Nordic architecture & design

#4 Kenneth Frampton

– A number of seemingly spontaneous developments over the past half century have made it increasingly difficult to continue with the “tradition of the new” in any significant way. If we intended, by this term, the unfinished liberative modern projects as this has been cherished by progressive thinkers since the beginning of the Enlightenment.

Quote from his article ‘On the Tradition of the New’ in our publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Design 4 ed.

Kenneth Frampton (1930), British architect, critic, historian. Ware professor of Architecture at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, New York.

Perspectives on Nordic architecture and landscape

Photo by Adam Mørk of Copenhagen Soil Center (Christiansen & Co Architects)

#3 Francesco Ranocchi

– (…) The presence of a primary structure can be either a formal one, or merely conceptual. Elsewhere we have defined it as Icastic architecture, this product of the complex relationship between culture industry and construction industry: a semantic reduction that progressively invests the architecture of the century, thus erasing differences and antagonisms in favour of the capacity to become accumulable information.

Quote from his article ‘Icastic architecture and landscape’ in our latest publication A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Landscape

Francesco Ranocchi (1962), Italian architect, critic and historian. Leader of AW-Architects and holds a PhD in contemporary art theory.

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