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Points for Contemporary Nordic Architecture

The book contains a proposal for 5 points for Nordic architecture and suggestions by the author and innovative Nordic architects on what to keep in mind when designing buildings that considers the climate situation and at the same time cares for Nordic architectural values.


News in Nordic Architecture - 2020

A collection of new projects designed by famous, and up-coming, young, Nordic architects...

News in Nordic Architecture - Space + Interior

A collection of new projects designed by famous, and up-coming, young, Nordic architects. Featured works are presented with photos...

News in Nordic Architecture - Textures + Materials

The book introduces a wide range of the latest architecture and building transformations with focus on the use of facades...

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Villa Ellefsen-Harreschou

The L-shaped house is located in an attractive residential neighborhood in Asker, Norway. Towards the lake and the view of the Oslo fjord, the house’s floor is raised to provide a more intimate living zone. This is where the “crack of daylight” provides light in between the floors and divides the building into an open bright area and a more private and dimmed one. The play with the light and the use of modern furniture generates the projects unique charm.

Simple materials are used throughout the house, the exterior cladding for the ground floor is

Corten steel which is a good match for the grass outside. The panels are weatherboard that is mounted vertically and stained in the same color as the upper floor. The walls and ceilings of the lower floors of the house are plastered.

More details and pictures are in our new book News in Nordic Architecture – Space + Interior

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