Recent interview with Marianne Ibler featured on 3 entire pages in the journal Jyllandspostens Boligtillæg and on the newspapers frontpage on 6th December 2020

It was all about the recent book “News in Nordic Architecture 2020” and Marianne Ibler opinions on Nordic architecture today. Featured was also architecture made by ERIK arkitekter and Mangor & Nagel. As well as opinions from building developer Klaus Kastbjerg and architect Anna Maria Indrio. Læs hele avisartiklen her: Jyllands-Posten_-_2020-12-06

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Paneldebate on november 5th

Publisher Marianne Ibler gave the opening talk ”Internationalisering – En chance, en risiko eller bare nødvendig ?” Marianne Ibler also participated at the paneldebate at Arkitektforeningen in Copenhagen with the title Konsolidering i den danske arkitektbranche, organised by FREJA EJENDOMME. Presented were also Lars Emil Kragh (Danske Ark), Mette Kynne Frandsen (Henning Larsen Architects), Kristian […]

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Bodil Binner goldsmith. The Story. The Profile. The Woman


NEW BOOK WILL BE LAUNCHED DECEMBER 3rd ! Jewellery shares common ground with architecture. Both are grounded in ancient crafts, with their own particular creative design processes, dependent upon a profound knowledge of how to utilise materials and techniques. Both jewellery and architecture stimulate our senses, with the fields’ aspiration to functionality and aesthetic harmony. That is also […]

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#27 Louis Becker

‘‘It’s not about exporting Scandinavia per se, but about how to translate a hypothetical interpretation of democracy into practical application…’’ Louis Becker, Partner of Hanning Larsen. Quote from the interview with Louis Becker. The full interview is in our publication News in Nordic Architecture – Space + Interior. Continue reading

#26 Bjarne Hammer

‘‘The function of a building is the same everywhere, but it has to be adapted differently. To catch the spirit of the place is important to understand the context in which the architecture is to be placed.’’ Bjarne Hammer. Founding Partner & Creative Director at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. Quote from the interview with Bjarne [...] Continue reading

#25 Mette Stavad

‘‘Sustainability doesn’t need to be only an architectonical expression. And there shouldn’t be any conflict between architecture and sustainable approaches.’’ Mette Stavad. Architect, Owner of Pluskontoret. Quote from the interview with Mette Stavad. The full interview is in our publication Global Danish Architecture #3. Continue reading