News - a thank you card

A Thank You Card from Archipress M

As the year is ending, we genuinely thank you for being part of it and for supporting Archipress M.

During the year of 2019, we were able to publish a new edition of our ‘News in Nordic Architecture’ series, which focuses on the interrelation of space and interior within architecture. Moreover, we had the honor to host a panel debate with experts and guests at our launch event at the Aarhus Teater. Our memory of it is still vivid.

Recently, we have been working on a new project, ‘Nordic Moments’, for the upcoming year. The project is based on the ideas of an interdisciplinary concept generated from the CEO, Marianne Ibler:

“I have personally been very inspired by theKrane in Copenhagen and Fjordenhus which are projects that represent more than architecture. The incorporation of art and design creates a feeling of completion.”

The ‘Nordic Moment’ will be a curious blend of architecture, design, gastronomy, art and fashion, that will represent an aspiring Nordic Lifestyle.

Once again, thanks for your great favor. We are very excited to move forward into the new year with you.