An Interview with Jyllands Posten

We are very proud to present to you this interview published in the Jyllands Posten on the 14th of July, written by the journalist Astrid Ellemo. Our founder Marianne Ibler has showed a glimpse of her own home in Aarhus and shared her aesthetic philosophy —— ´We have to follow the time without giving up the past´.

The interview emphasizes Marianne´s opinion on how to keep a balance between the modern and the heritage from the past. Especially the art of restructuring and remoldingin design and architecture has become a more important topic over time. Reusing a structure and changing the purpose of architecture requires a high level of professionalism. This is also going to be partly a subject in our upcoming new book News in Nordic Architecture – Space + Interior, which will be launched in September.

New Interns at Archipress M Aps

We want to introduce our new interns Yujia and Lena who are going to be part of our marketing department for the following 6 months!

Yujia lived in China before, but now she is doing a master´s degree in University of Copenhagen. Lena is a student of Business Administration from Austria. She just arrived in Denmark and is totally ready to start her new life in Aarhus.

Let’s welcome them!

Archipress M wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Recipe for Zdenka’s Ischl Medals

As Christmas is soon around the corner we thought of sharing with you, this lovely recipe for Zdenka’s Ischl Medals ideal for the Christmas table. The Medals can be found in Marianne’s new architectural cookbook ‘The Architect’s Meal / Arkitektens Måltid’. It has a strong appeal to the senses, showing several correlations between cooking and architecture. Read also unique anecdotes for each recipe that ties the recipe to a specific architectural setting. Go grab yours in the shop! And with that, we wish you a Merry Christmas! 

What you will need is:

350g of butter
125g of sugar
500g of flour
225g of blanched and ground almonds
½ tbsp of cinnamon
7 tbsp raspberry or apricot jam
Icing sugar


Stir the butter with the rest of the sugar. Little by little, add the flour and vanilla.

Gather the dough into a ball and allow to stand for ½ hour. Roll out on a flour covered table. Cut out round biscuits with a diameter of 5-6 cm.

Make a hole in half of the biscuits of 2 cm in diameter. Bake for approx. 10 min. at 200 degrees.

Take the biscuits out and allow to cool. Put into cake tins. Spread a thin layer of jam on the biscuits and place a complete biscuit on top just before eating.

Then sprinkle icing sugar over.

NB: These biscuits can also be made with walnuts or hazelnuts.


Book Launch at Paustian House

Arkitektens Måltid / The Architect’s Meal

A big thanks to all who came and participated in our panel discussion about the senses and architecture in connection with the launch of our architectural cookbook ‘Arkitektens Måltid / The Architect’s Meal’. Also a big thanks to the panelists Kim Utzon, Frantz Longhi and Kristine Jensen. And finally very(!) big thanks to Paustian for a great collaboration!

Boglanchering & Paneldebat Med Kim Utzon

Arkitektens Måltid / Sansernes Rolle i Arkitekturen

I forbindelse med lanceringen af den nye arkitektoniske kogebog ’Arkitektens Måltid’ og markeringen af året, hvor Jørn Utzon ville være fyldt 100 år, inviterer Archipress M og Paustian til et spændende lanceringsevent. Aftenen indledes med talk af arkitekt Kim Utzon, hvorefter der vil være paneldebat med Kim Utzon, direktør og medejer af Paustian, Frantz Longhi, arkitekt Kristine Jensen og arkitekt Marianne Ibler. Herefter er der reception med vin og smagsprøver fra ’Arkitektens Måltid’.

Arrangementet finder sted i Paustians Hus i Nordhavnen, Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2, 2100 i København, tegnet af Jørn Utzon:

Torsdag den 22. november kl. 16-18

Antallet af deltagere vil være begrænset – tilmelding senest 16.11 via

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