bog bygger på løjerlige historier

The book Friis&Moltke Husene is based on several stories

The book “Friis&Moltke Husene” which is currently in the printing house is based on several ridiculous stories.

The first house in the book, for example, was designed by Knud Friis as a student in 1949 and built with government loan support and building prices MUCH cheaper than today. For example, Knud Friis suggested to the client that he could save DKK 5-600 by simplifying the sewer and the entire roof construction.

I discovered that studying Knud Friis’ handwritten letters.

Read more about the house and 39 other houses in the book “Friis&Moltke husene” which will be published on 17 August. You can find them in the bookshops.