Global Danish Architecture #5 – 30 New Projects

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The book addresses the five keys to interpreting contemporary architecture; Learning, Education, Playing, Caring and Dwelling.

The book highlights the importance of a social human-oriented architectural design focus throughout various building typologies ranging from public buildings and schools to social housing projects. The new projects chosen provide an understanding of how a contemporary social and functional intention is expressed within modern architecture and how the architectural design, tradition, and functional dimensions presently take form in new buildings and projects.

Written by: Marianne Ibler, Nils-Ole Lund, Prof. Emeritus and former Dean at Aarhus School of Architecture, Peter McKeith Assoc. Prof. Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.

The projects featured in the book have been designed by the Danish famous architectural studios:

KHR arkitekter  ·  HVIDT ARKITEKTER  ·  Christensen & CO arkitekter  ·  Erik Møller Arkitekter  ·  KPF Arkitekter  ·  Henning Larsen Architects  ·  Pluskontoret  ·  Nobel Arkitekter  ·  Tegnestuen Vandkunsten  ·  RUBOW arkitekter  ·  GPP Arkitekter  ·  Exners Tegnestue  ·  Arkitema Architects  ·  Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

ISBN 9788791872051 · English · Softcover · 133 Pages


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