Kay Fisker and The Danish Academy in Rome

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This book deals with the Danish Academy in Rome. The building was created in 1967 by the famous Danish architect Kay Fisker and is a fine example of modern architecture. Kay Fisker is well renowned for his ability to bridge the times through architecture and he knew how to transfer the cubist design ideals of international functionalism into simple brick buildings.

The book illustrates in details the architecture of the building, its history and the design phase through texts as well as original and hitherto unpublished original drawings and illustrations.

Featuring the last building designed by one of the fathers of Danish modern architecture the architecture Kay Fisker, this is a Must-Have for lovers of unique Danish modern architecture and design from the 1960s.

Written and edited by architect Ph.d. Marianne Ibler. Forword by Henrik Tvarnø. Essay also by architect Dr.Phil. Kjeld de Fine Licht.

Photos  by Jens Lindhe.

A monographic Must-Have book about one of the most importatant buildings designed by Kay Fisker.

The book about the Danish Academy in Rome gave after its publication initiative to several exhibitions of the original drawings in both Rome, Copenhagen and Aarhus.

ISBN 9788791872006 · English · Hardcover · 83 pages

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