Køre North

Køge North Station | Dissing + Weitling / COBE

A safe way to cross and enjoy Denmark\’s busiest freeway.

The Køge North Station project includes the train station, a park and ride facility and a bridge that offers safe crossing over Denmark’s busiest freeway. The 225-meter-long bridge is the new transportation hotspot of Denmark and works since March 2019 as a gateway for over 90.000 that pass though on a daily basis. It leads to the train station where trains to and from Copenhagen transport over 8.000 people daily.

Køe North 2

Due to clear dedicated zones, an area for movement exists, as well as an area to linger around and enjoy the open view. Across the huge windows that let in a great amount of natural light, is a wooden structure with built in seat opportunities to create a calming cozy feeling.


Architect: Dissing+Weitling and COBE, Engineer 2019. Køge, Denmark. Photos by Rasmus Hjortshøj