#15 Klavs Hyttel

‘‘Sustainability has evolved from a vaguely formulated intention mostly found in manifestos and toasts to being an actual, decisive architectonic parameter.’’ Klavs Hyttel. Architect, Partner and Chairman of the Board of C.F. Møller Architects. Quote from the interview with Klavs Hyttel. The full interview is in our publication Global Danish Architecture #3. Continue reading

#14 Vesa Honkonen

‘‘Light and shadow. Life and death. These pairs can semiotically create and signify the most powerful contrasting pairs in architecture.’’ Vesa Honkonen, Architect and Designer, Owner of Vesa Honkonen Architects. Quote from the article ‘The Birth Gift of the 60th Latitude’ written by Vesa Honkonen. The full article is in our publication A New Golden [...] Continue reading

#13 Lars Bendrup

‘‘It’s obviously that energy efficiency and resource savings generally are the most important factors. However, social and cultural sustainability should not be set aside, as these may in the long run prove to be the most important aspects.’’ Lars Bendrup. Architect, Owner of TRANSFORM. Quote from the interview with Lars Bendrup. The full interview is [...] Continue reading

#12 Torben Nielsen

‘‘…What constitutes artistic quality today, however, is another question entirely as it also constantly changes. This is precisely why it is important to keep up with changes in the rest of the world.’’ Torben Nielsen, Rector at Aarhus School of Architecture. Quote from the interview with Torben Nielsen. The full interview is in our publication [...] Continue reading

A Study-trip to Aalborg

Archipress M took a study-trip to the museum Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg is made by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and renovated last year by ERIK arkitekter. Its fine white building clad with white and grey marble is still modern and up-to-date. The special way […]

Continue reading

#23 Student Village in Søgård

This is an exceptional example of the merge between traditional Danish timber architecture and state-of-the-art interiors. Extract from our publication News in Nordic Architecture – Space + Interior The student village is a transformation and addition to Søgård, a four-winged half-timbered farm from the 1700s. The new buildings and the old farmhouse create a small [...] Continue reading

#22 SE Headquarters

Current events show once again how important it is, that we all work together on creating a green environment. Extract from our publication A New Golden Age - Architecture & Design Denmark is one of the leading countries in creating renewable, green energy. This is also due to the innovative architecture that is being created in [...] Continue reading

A Study-trip to Vejle

Archipress M took a small trip to Vejle  This year, three more waves were added to the 'Bølgen' in Vejle thus completing the project. Yesterday we went to visit it and it is safe to say that this is a one of a kind project! 'Bølgen' is also featured in 'Global Danish Architecture No. 1', [...] Continue reading
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