student village

Student Village in Søgård

This is an exceptional example of the merge between traditional Danish timber architecture and state-of-the-art interiors.

Extract from our publication News in Nordic Architecture – Space + Interior

The student village is a transformation and addition to Søgård, a four-winged half-timbered farm from the 1700s. The new buildings and the old farmhouse create a small village inspired by traditional Danish villages where intimate streets and squares emerge in between the farms. Like many half-timbered Danish farms, Søgård is characterised by a robustness in both construction and material use. The guiding concept for both the renovation and construction of the new buildings is based on the farm’s intrinsic qualities, where all technical challenges are solved in accordance with rational principles and with the help of simple and accessible materials. 

In accordance to rational principles and due to the use of simple and accessible materials it was possible to form this once half-timbered traditional farmhouse from the 1700s into a contemporary village for students, without losing its rural Danish charm.

Architect: Lenschow & Pihlmann, 2016. Aarhus, Denmark. Photos by Hampus Berndtson

student village 2