#27 Social Housing in Årslev

A masterplan incorporating social, economic and environmental sustainability.  Featured in ‘News in Nordic Architecture – Textures + Materials’. The area contains 40 terraced low energy houses that function as social houses for rental. The façade and materials used connect the exterior of the houses with the natural surroundings. Architect: Erik Arkitekter, 2018. Årslev, DK. Photos by […]

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#26 Cabin Rones

A small cabin located in a steep and rough site at Rones in Norway towards the fjord. The concrete construction combined with wooden beams create a sheltering atmosphere within the free and open nature. Details incorporated in the covering of the building are made of untreated copper, which darken over time.  The furnishing of the […]

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#25 Navitas

Denmark’s largest low-energy building ´Navitas´ provides the perfect conditions for learning and innovation it became an innovative campus for energy, environment and civil engineering to over 2000 students.  Raw concrete is used in the entrance area, that leads to atrium, the architectural heart of the building. The atrium combines white stairways with heavy concrete walls […]

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#23 Student Village in Søgård

This is an exceptional example of the merge between traditional Danish timber architecture and state-of-the-art interiors. Extract from our publication News in Nordic Architecture – Space + Interior The student village is a transformation and addition to Søgård, a four-winged half-timbered farm from the 1700s. The new buildings and the old farmhouse create a small [...] Continue reading

#22 SE Headquarters

Current events show once again how important it is, that we all work together on creating a green environment. Extract from our publication A New Golden Age - Architecture & Design Denmark is one of the leading countries in creating renewable, green energy. This is also due to the innovative architecture that is being created in [...] Continue reading

#21 Periscope Tower

Makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the views of the surrounding landscape Extract from our publication News in Nordic Architecture “One can either climb up the stairs and enjoy the view over the lake and the landscape from the viewing deck, or stay on the ground floor and see the view through the periscope mirror.” [...] Continue reading

#20 Malmö Market Hall

The old freight depot from 1898 was no more than a roofless shell when the developer decided to turn it into a market hall. Extract from our publication News in Nordic Architecture "A gap in the roof between the new and existing building allows daylight into the old brick facade, while the facade cladding of weathered [...] Continue reading

#19 A crisscross of generations

In the future Generation House in Aarhus housing and institutions are combined and children, young people, the elderly, the disabled and families share facilities. Extract from our latest publication News in Nordic Architecture "The building is rectangular with canals and water on two sides and tall neighbouring buildings including closely grouped buildings of 3-9 floors with [...] Continue reading

#18 Indoor activities

As the days get shorter and the weather colder it is time to explore the activities and architecture of indoor sport facilities. Extracts from our latest publication News in Nordic Architecture Ørestad Ice Ink "The ice rink is uniquely located in Copenhagen in a dense urban area with facades facing public institutions, public parks and the new arena. The [...] Continue reading
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