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Three Tile Types

Zooming in on architectural values of a 15-storey student housing to low family terraced dwellings and a luxury villa.

Extract from our publication A New Golden Age Nordic Housing,  Architecture and Landscape, Architecture and Design

Campus Hall

A penthouse feeling and a spectacular view of the surroundings is everyday life for the students at the Campus Hall.

\”The residences are located in three interconnected 15-storey buildings with no front or back, designed to appear attractive from a 360-degree perspective.\”

Architect: C.F. Møller . 2015 . Odense, Denmark . 13,700 m². 250 housing units. Photos by Torben Eskerod.

Received award: Odense Municipality Architecture award 2016

three tile types


Sustainable living with roof vegetation working as isolation in the winter and heat reduction in the summer. The green roof also collects rainwater for evaporation.

\”The terraced houses are located facing the newly created harbor inlet with beach and bathing. The massive inflow of light gives the sensation of the outdoor views being dragged into the living rooms.\”

Architect: Mangor & Nagel Architects . 2014 . Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark . 10,000 m². 58 housing units. Photos by Tom Jersø.

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Villa Albertsen

Clean lines, simple details and natural materials creates a luxurious feeling for the family life in this villa.

\”The villa enjoys a special front row position directly overlooking Aarhus Bay. The view to the horizon has inspired a horizontal design right down to the extended oblong brick format. The outlook and the landscape are omnipresent in this villa, and space has been created to be experienced both from the interior and in traversing through to the terrace.\”

Architect: Luplau & Poulsen Arkitekter . 2007 . Aarhus, Denmark . 750 m². Photos by Luplau & Poulsen, Brahl Fotografi.

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