Social sphere and privat space

Social sphere and privat space

The aim was to meet a wish for a social sphere where you can chat with the neighbours over the hedge and also provide space to be one\’s own family

Extract from our latest publication A New Golden Age Nordic Housing

Both E+E and KPF\’s houses are great examples on how social sphere can interact in the private space.

Reuters Have: \”The terraced houses are characterised by light, air and spaciousness throughout the three floors with large windows on the east and west facades. These terraced houses all have double-floor rooms.\”

Bakke Allé: \”The houses are grouped two-and-two in eight double houses around a central oval green area with lawns and hardwood trees. The 16 houses, which have the same scale as the neighbourhood\’s villas, are adapted to the geometry of their grounds.\”

Top – Architect: Elkiær + Ebbeskov Arkitekter . 2014 . Brønshøj, Denmark . 116 m² + 60 m² basement. Photos by Lotte Elkiær.

Bottom – Architect: KPF Arkitekter . 2012 . Åbyhøj, Denmark . 134 m². Photos by Francesco Galli.

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