SE Headquarter

SE Headquarters

Current events show once again how important it is, that we all work together on creating a green environment.

Extract from our publication A New Golden Age – Architecture & Design

Denmark is one of the leading countries in creating renewable, green energy. This is also due to the innovative architecture that is being created in the Nordic area. An example of smart design leading to reduced energy consumption is the Syd Energi Headquarter in Esbjerg, DK. The building created by the GPP Arkitekter group is seen as a leader for low energy buildings as it is one of the largest office buildings to be certified as a passive house. It not only consumes half the amount of energy compared to typical company buildings, but it also produces more energy than it consumes.

Moreover, the design of the building not only benefits the environment but is also a great example of how the right architecture can increase job satisfaction and therefore efficiency. The office signals openness and drives knowledge, sharing, the development of competence and a feeling of community.

Architect: GPP Arkitekter group. 2013. Esbjerg, Denmark. Photos by SE

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