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Visitor Center in Iceland | Andersen & Sigurdsson Architects

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Increased tourism creates opportunities for unique architectural projects in the Icelandic fjords.

Complimenting the calm nature of the Icelandic fjord, the new visitor center provides both a place for social gatherings for citizens as well as an area for the tourists to catch a glimpse at the famous puffins and enjoy the unique nature. 

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Regional stones are mixed with cast concrete to give a natural and rough texture which emphasizes the simplicity and nature of the surroundings.

With a total of 345 square meters and 3 separate floors that each have openings to different sides of the buildings and therefore provide unique views of the fjord. 

visitor centre4

Architect: Andersen & Sigurdsson Architects, 2019. Borgarfjördur Eystri, IS. Photos by Christopher Lund