Global Danish Architecture #4 – Tradition & Crisis

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This unique book written by Kenneth Frampton, Marianne Ibler and J. M. Cava is definitely a source of architectonic inspiration. It demonstrates how the modern Danish architectural tradition continues in a time characterised by a historical financial and architectural crisis.

In addressing the influence of tradition and what is identified as the tradition in Danish architecture, the authors consider the work of  15 distinguished Danish practices. Arguably unique, certainly authoritative, this book offers a penetrating contribution, to understanding the historical development of Danish Architecture.

Written by Marianne Ibler, Kenneth Frampton, prof. at Columbia University and the American architect and writer John M. Cava.

The book features villas, housing buildings, sports buildings, culture buildings, educational and public buildings.

The projects featured are created by the following Danish architectural firms:

BIG  ·  BBP Arkitekter  ·  Entasis  ·  Gottlieb Paludan Arkitekter  ·  KHR Arkitekter  ·  KPF Arkitekter  ·  Entasis  ·  Friis & Moltke  ·  Gottlieb Paludan Arkitekter  ·  Wohlert Arkitekter  ·  Vandkunsten  ·  schmidt / hammer / lassen architects  ·  PLH Arkitekter  ·  Kim Utzon Arkitekter  ·  Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

ISBN 9788791872044 · English · Softcover · 156 Pages

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