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Points for Contemporary Nordic Architecture 2021

Learn about what Nordic architect’s consider important for the future of Nordic architecture. By words and illustrations. Contains 5 points for the future of architecture. You can order the book in all Nordic bookshops. A generous source of inspiration with lots of beautifully illustrated new buildings

Find our latest published NEWS series among the best books in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Finally the beautiful Louisiana Museum of Modern Art has again opened after a long pause due to the corona pandemic. We are so pleased with their art exhibitions. And of course also with the nice museum shop.

Recent interview with Marianne Ibler featured on 3 entire pages in the journal Jyllandspostens Boligtillæg and on the newspapers frontpage on 6th December 2020

It was all about the recent book “News in Nordic Architecture 2020” and Marianne Ibler opinions on Nordic architecture today. Featured was also architecture made by ERIK arkitekter and Mangor & Nagel. As well as opinions from building developer Klaus Kastbjerg and architect Anna Maria Indrio. Læs hele avisartiklen her: Jyllands-Posten_-_2020-12-06

Glimpses from the launch of the 30th Jubilee – book about goldsmith Bodil Binner this friday

“Bodil Binner goldsmith. The Story. The Profile. The Woman”, skrevet af Nina Hald. The launch was held in time-slots due to the present corona-situation. And as a speciality from morning until late evening, there were purple-colored cocktails, which matched the bookcover, made by the chef Jesper Schmidt.

Marianne Ibler published in the journal BYGGERI+ARKITEKTUR

In the journal Byggeri + Arkitektur (10.november 2020) you find Marianne Iblers article “Vi mangler et manifest for miljøet og arkitekturen”! Check out the on-line version of BYGGERI+ARKITEKTUR !

Paneldebate on november 5th

Publisher Marianne Ibler gave the opening talk ”Internationalisering – En chance, en risiko eller bare nødvendig ?” Marianne Ibler also participated at the paneldebate at Arkitektforeningen in Copenhagen with the title Konsolidering i den danske arkitektbranche, organised by FREJA EJENDOMME. Presented were also Lars Emil Kragh (Danske Ark), Mette Kynne Frandsen (Henning Larsen Architects), Kristian […]

Bodil Binner goldsmith. The Story. The Profile. The Woman

NEW BOOK WILL BE LAUNCHED DECEMBER 3rd ! Jewellery shares common ground with architecture. Both are grounded in ancient crafts, with their own particular creative design processes, dependent upon a profound knowledge of how to utilise materials and techniques. Both jewellery and architecture stimulate our senses, with the fields’ aspiration to functionality and aesthetic harmony. That is also […]

The Generation House 2020

The much-anticipated 'Generation House' on Aarhus Ø will be completed this year. Since we presented the project in our publication ‘News in Nordic Architecture’ back in 2017, we have followed The Generation House closely, and we are so excited about the forthcoming results.The socially inclusive institution and residential building is designed by ERIK Arkitekter and RUM in [...]

Visit us at our office!

New Self Pick-up at the Archipress M office! Come by and have a look around. You can choose your favorite books, pay directly and safe 10% + get a free bag! Visit us at Filmby 21, 8000 Århus every Monday from 12:00 – 15:00. We are looking forward to seeing you!  

Happy New Year!

Archipress M wishes you a new year with full of happiness. Following up the great impressions and cheerful times of the Year 2019, Archipress M is ready to begin another adventure and bring new ideas and inspirations to you. We believe, the New Year 2020 will be a bundle of new opportunities to perform and […]

A Thank You Card from Archipress M

As the year is ending, we genuinely thank you for being part of it and for supporting Archipress M. During the year of 2019, we were able to publish a new edition of our ‘News in Nordic Architecture’ series, which focuses on the interrelation of space and interior within architecture. Moreover, we had the honor [...]

Special offer in December

All books are on sale plus free shipping during the whole December. We have had lots of fun and happiness during this year. So, we are now holding a special sale to celebrate the month of joy with you. 20% off on News in Nordic Architecture series; 25% off on A New Golden Age series, Cool […]

Archipress M joining the opening of Lyst

An extraordinary aesthetic experience – beyond imagination. Archipress M joined the opening of LYST – the iconic new restaurant designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Sebastian Behmann from SOS Studio Other Spaces. A place where architecture, art, design, music and gastronomy is put together in a new and trendy “Gesamtkunstwerk” which seems to be […]

Thank you for joining us!

It’s been a great Friday at Aarhus teater last week. The historical building has literally come to life for the launch event – Rethinking New Nordic. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our host, authors, guests, sponsors, staffs and all of those who attended and made this afternoon special. This would […]

News arrives! Final countdown to the release!

See what just arrived at Archipress M’s office! After one year of thoughtful preparation, we finally received our new publication News in Nordic Architecture – Space + Interior! As the 3rd edition of News in Nordic Architecture, the book continues the collection of new projects designed by Nordic architects and offers a different perspective – space and [...]

Archipress M x VERPAN at the launch!

While rethinking the New Nordic, we are precisely talking about the sustainability of Nordic architecture. The environmental issues require architects to prospect sustainability and find values in already existing buildings, which can be reused and further developed. There is no doubt that this concept embodies a strong tendency for the future in all fields, in [...]

Come and meet Archipress M’s special guests at the launch!

It's a great pleasure for us to introduce our special guests to you. Please join us in welcoming them at the launch! Marianne Ibler The founder and director of Archipress M, the author of 'News in Nordic Architecture – Space + Interior'.  Martin Kallesø Architect and owner of Martin Kallesø Arkitekter. Co-author of 'News in Nordic [...]

Book launch at Aarhus Teater

We take immense pleasure in inviting you to attend the releasing of our new book News in Nordic Architecture – Space & Interior at Aarhus Theater on the 4th October 2019 at sharp 3 pm. We have been publishing inspiring and informative books specializing in Nordic architecture and design from the past fourteen years. After […]

Check our books on Vimeo!

Now you can check short flick-throughs of each book in our web bookshop, or just visit our homepage on Vimeo to catch them all!

An Interview with Jyllands Posten

We are very proud to present to you this interview published in the Jyllands Posten on the 14th of July, written by the journalist Astrid Ellemo. Our founder Marianne Ibler has showed a glimpse of her own home in Aarhus and shared her aesthetic philosophy —— ´We have to follow the time without giving up [...]

New Interns at Archipress M Aps

We want to introduce our new interns Yujia and Lena who are going to be part of our marketing department for the following 6 months! Yujia lived in China before, but now she is doing a master´s degree in University of Copenhagen. Lena is a student of Business Administration from Austria. She just arrived in [...]

Welcome to our new logo!

Archipress M has gotten a new logo! Although we at Archipress M, since the start in 2005 have used the simple signature 'ARCHIPRESS M', with the red 'M' we have chosen to use a new Archipress M logo in the future. With the new logo Archipress M and our dedicated staff, wants to create a [...]

Back in stock!

News in Nordic Architecture - Texture + Materials is now back in stock! After the book was quickly sold out before Christmas, it is now back in stock, so grab your copy fresh from the press on our online webshop.

Archipress M wishes you a Merry Christmas!


Book Launch at Paustian House

Arkitektens Måltid / The Architect's Meal A big thanks to all who came and participated in our panel discussion about the senses and architecture in connection with the launch of our architectural cookbook 'Arkitektens Måltid / The Architect's Meal'. Also a big thanks to the panelists Kim Utzon, Frantz Longhi and Kristine Jensen. And finally [...]

Boglanchering & Paneldebat Med Kim Utzon

Arkitektens Måltid / Sansernes Rolle i Arkitekturen I forbindelse med lanceringen af den nye arkitektoniske kogebog ’Arkitektens Måltid’ og markeringen af året, hvor Jørn Utzon ville være fyldt 100 år, inviterer Archipress M og Paustian til et spændende lanceringsevent. Aftenen indledes med talk af arkitekt Kim Utzon, hvorefter der vil være paneldebat med Kim Utzon, [...]

Book Launch at Danish Architecture Center

Big thanks to everyone! A very(!) big thank you, to all who came to our book launch last Friday with 'News in Nordic Architecture - Textures + Materials'. We had a great time introducing our newest book at Danish Architecture Center in BLOX, and we hope you did too! The book is now available in [...]

Release of ‘News in Nordic Architecture – Textures + Materials’!

Come join us on the 26OCT18 at DAC in BLOX! On the 26th of October, we will be realizing our latest publication ‘News in Nordic Architecture – Textures + Materials’ at BLOX in collaboration with Danish Architecture Center. A more detailed program is to find HERE.

New Intern at Archipress M ApS

Say Hello to our new intern here at Archipress M ApS, Mathias G. Bach, from Aarhus School of Architecture.

‘News in Nordic Architecture’ is on its way

Sneak peek from our new book which soon will be here  The new book 'News in Nordic Architecture - Textures + Materials' is in the making and is a counterpart to 'News in Nordic Architecture'. With focus on textures and materials, the book includes projects by Helin & Co Architects, Lund Hagem Arkitekter, Rørbæk og [...]

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

The Christmas gift that both inspires and impresses.The books draw you and your dear ones into a beautiful world of Nordic architecture made by renowned architects. Archipress M is this Christmas ready with two new books, News in Nordic Architecture and Cool nordiske boliger. Visit the bookshop for more information.

‘Cool nordiske boliger’ is here

The brand new book Cool nordiske boliger is ready from print and we are so happy with the result! It is a colourful and inspiring book with lots of beautiful photos with simple explanatory text showing new Nordic housing designed with wood, glass and tiles. The book is based on selected projects from the book series: [...]

‘Cool nordiske boliger’ is on its way

Sneak peek from our new book which will be launched December 6 The new book is in the making and we look very much forward to see the final result. To enlighten the waiting is a glimpse of its content which include projects by Hermansson Hiller Lundberg, Sigge Architects, Holscher Nordberg Architecture and Planning and KPF Arkitekter [...]

New colorful book in print: Cool Nordiske Boliger

Only one month after the launching of our latest book News in Nordic Architecture we are ready to send a new book in print. This book presents a special selection of Nordic, cool housing projects from our previous book series News in Nordic Architecture, A New Golden Age and Global Danish Architecture. The new book Cool nordiske boliger is [...]

HM Queen Margrethe visits the Danish Academy in Rome

Last week HM Queen Margrethe visited the Danish Academy in Rome in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the building designed by the famous Danish architect Kay Fisker. This gives flashbacks to 2006 where we in Archipress M published our first book ‘Kay Fisker and the Danish Academy in Rome‘  in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment […]

Bo Bedre’s best Christmas gifts: Our new book ‘News in Nordic Architecture’

Archipress M is once again recommended in the Danish magazine, Bo Bedre. This Christmas with the new book, News in Nordic Architecture.

Introduction price! 20% discount

Finally our new book ‘News in Nordic Architecture’ is here and we are so happy with the result! Buy it in this month and there will be a 20% discount. If you order more than one book the delivery within Denmark will be free of charge. Get the offer by sending an e-mail to Introduction movie: News […]

A new weekend is coming up, and so is our new book!

Don’t miss our publication, 'News in Nordic Architecture', this weekend at FindersKeepers!We offer 20% discount at book launch at the market. Godsbanen, Aarhus, Saturday + Sunday 11-17

Come and join us when we launch our new book at FindersKeepers

Once again Archipress M will appear at FindersKeepers but this time will be very special as it also will be the launching of our new book, News in Nordic Architecture.  Find us at Godsbanen, Aarhus on 7-8 October - we will be waiting with big smiles and bubbles.

‘News in Nordic Architecture’ is on its way

Sneak peek from our new book which can be enjoyed in full version from October 7 After lots of hard work our new book is now in the making and we look very much forward to see the final result. To enlighten the waiting is a glimpse of its content which include projects by C.F. Møller Architects, Knut [...]

New Intern at Archipress M

In Archipress M we are happy to introduce you to our new intern, Sofie Slotsgaard, from Aarhus School of Architecture. Julie has passed on her desk and for the next couple of months Sofie will be the extra hands at the office.

New Art Catalogue! 

Archipress M’s latest release with texts by Annegrethe Davis, Boris Skvorc and John M. Cava The catalogue contains the impressive solo exhibition Orbis Terrarum by Croatian/Danish painter and architect, Zoran Juresa. Current at Stara Gradska Vijecnica in Split, Croatia until the end of September 2017. “I use all opportunities. I am an architect. I paint. I create graphics and photographs. […]

New book coming soon!!

News in Nordic Architecture will be launchedby the end of September The new book News in Nordic Architecture introduces a wide range of new nordic buildings including both transformations and new buildings. The book contains lots of rich illustrations and beautiful photographies. Included is also an exclusive essay by the partner of Snøhetta, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, who writes about his thoughts on what it [...]

Flourishing news

Even though the spring is delayed, our work at Archipress M is flourishing. We can now announce that a whole new series is on its way and we can’t wait to introduce you to this news. For now we can spoil you with a second edition of  the book A New Golden Age Nordic Housing. Here’s a great […]

Prof. Robert McCarter and students from Washington State University visits Archipress M

We have some special visitors at our office today. Our CEO Marianne Ibler, Prof. Robert McCarter and students had a talk on Nordic Architecture.

Archipress M in Århus Stiftstidende

We are released on Stiftstidende today! Check out this exciting interview about the Nordic housing with the architect and founder of Archipress M, Marianne Ibler. Please click here to read the full text.

Cottage for Christmas

Hidden behind big pinewood trees This Holiday home by Mette Lange Architects is beautifully hidden from the harsh Icelandic weather and it's easy to imagine yourself with a hot cup of cocoa in front of the fireplace enjoying a white winter wonderland. Our new book A New Golden Age - Nordic Housing, features 3  Nordic examples [...]

Archipress M at Biennale di Venezia

From the 28th of May to the 27th of November our books were sold succesfully at the Venice Biennale.It was a great experience and a pleasure to be among other professionals.

Archipress M at FindersKeepers

This weekend we attended FindersKeepers in Copenhagen. It was a great experience and definitely something we will go for again next year. We got to meet a new customer base and hopefully we will reach out to more people interested in architecture and design.

FindersKeepers 2016

The 19th-20th November we will be at FindersKeepers in Copenhagen. To get more information about time and place, please check our facebook page Archipress M Architectural Press.  We are looking forward to see you!  

Nordic Nights at MoMu, Moesgaard Museum

On account of the Nordic Festival "Nordiske Nätter" - "Nordic Nights" from tomorrow friday the 4th of November, A New Golden Age - Nordic Architecture & Landscape and Architecture & Design will be sold in Moesgaard Museum's shop.The 14th of November we will follow up with our brand new and 3rd book A New Golden [...]

Nordic Housing is coming out the 14th of Nov. We are so excited!

The 3rd book in the popular A New Golden Age trilogy - Nordic Housing is a richly illustrated and inspiring book portraying a selection of Nordic dwellings. Read about new villas, apartments and holiday homes shown in beautiful and colorful photographies. The book adresses a wide audience and also includes a special interview with the [...]

Archipress M now also distributes Nordic books in Croatia

We are happy to announce that our Nordic books now are available at Upi 2M books Andrije Medulića 20, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. Find us there! Gem

A New Golden Age – Nordic Housing is on its way!

Today, we sent our 3rd - A New Golden Age Nordic - book for printing, we can't wait to get it out!

New Intern at Archipress M

In Archipress M we are happy to introduce you to our new intern, Julie Bertelsen from Aarhus School of Architecture. More hands, means more work and we have a lot of new ideas on the table.We are thrilled to see where these next months will take us!! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: archipressm Gem

A New Golden Age – Architecture & Design and Architecture & Landscape

A new Book in the Nordic "A New Golden Age" trilogy is coming out soon. Be ready! For now, you can for instance find our two other books in: Archi Tegn, Aarhus and Copenhagen Arnold Busk Bookstore, Aarhus and Copenhagen Kristian F. Møller Bookstore, Aarhus or get it here on our website - "books".

Summer house feelings

Never is the Nordic countries as beautiful as when the Nordic summer breaks. After a long period of darkness and cold, people are in need of getting out, enjoying the warmth and nature. Thus summer houses traditionally play an important role. One of our best selling books, A New Golden Age - Nordic Architecture & Design, [...]

Archipress M + Biennale di Venezia

Participation in the Venice Biennale 2016 A pile of 'Nordic Architecture' and 'Global Danish Architecture' books are on their way to Italy, to be sold at the 15th Biennale di Venezia di Archittetura - May 28 to November 27 -, and thus to be found in either of our latest  bookshop cooperations; BF Padiglione Centrale [...]

New issue of the Nordic New Golden Age trilogy

Sneak peek from the final publication of our series The last book in the Nordic New Golden Age trilogy is in the making, and this time the theme of dwellings features a variety of recent Scandinavian housing projects from firms like Helin & Co, CF Møller and Conm + Kallesø, just to mention a few. [...]

Collaboration with Illums Bolighus

We are happy to announce that our latest publications are soon also to be sold at Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen. 

Archipress M visits London book fair 2016

In April, we will participate in the London Book Fair 2016 to present our latest publications A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Landscape and A New Golden Age Nordic Architecture & Design, Revised 4th edition. You can come and say hi to us there!

10th Anniversary of Archipress M

This month we celebrated our 10th anniversary! It has generally been a landmark year so we want to share some of the new things with you: We have started new collaborations with Nordic architectural studios and talented international professionals, and we are pleased to have new employee relationships. Our first Nordic architecture books mark the […]

Welcome to Archipress M’s new webpage

Archipress M just launched its new homepage! From now on you can get our latest news from here. We will soon release our new revised 4th edition of A New Golden Age - Architecture & Design within this month. Please stay tuned.

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